About Us
MacDonell Children’s Services is a residential home for children whose circumstances leave them in need of a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  Our family of residents includes boys from age eleven through seventeen for whom the Louisiana DCFS has deemed to be in need of our care.

What brings a child to us?
While it is hard for most people to imagine the circumstances where a child would be removed from their natural home, there are times when it is better for the child’s safety and well-being to have the child reside with us, either until they reach a milestone such as graduation from high school or reach legal adulthood at the age of eighteen.   While no two circumstances are identical, suffice it to say that most of our children come to us during times when their security, safety and well-being is most at risk.

What we do makes a difference.
Above all else, children need a foundation upon which they can build their lives as adults.  Where that foundation is lacking, if not missing completely, the journey into adulthood is at best difficult, and at worst tragic.  At MacDonell Children’s Services we ensure that while in our care, children can count on being physical secure, on being fed in mind, body and spirit, and on being empowered with the hope and optimism needed by everyone to move forward into successful adulthood.
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